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NanWick Windows Uninstaller - A tool to uninstall Windows from your computer

Windows 8 is being popular day by day. Some of the users are upgrading their Windows 7 into 8. Some other makes a custom installation. When we make a new installation(custom installation) the previous operating system will remain unchanged and an extra entry will be added to the boot menu. Sometimes we have to remove the previous operating system after the installation of new one.
 Today we are introducing a new tool names NanWick Windows Uninstaller. Which will help you to remove following Windows installations :

  •  Windows Vista
  •  Windows 7
  •  Windows 8

You have to follow some simple steps to uninstall Windows in this tool, Which are mentioned in  this tool itself.

 You can download this tool using following link :

In Action :

What happens  behind

Users who are interested to know what happens behind this tool and to remove your Windows manually follow the given steps :

1. Download following registry script, double click and merge it into the registry. Which will add a new option named Take Ownership into your context menu.

 2. Open the drive in which you are installing your Windows(say C). Right click Windows folder and select Take Ownership.

3. Do the same for following files and folders also :

   (1) Program Files
   (2) Users
   (3) ProgramData
   (4) $Recycle.bin
   (5) Recovery
   (6) Config.Msi
   (7) Documents and settings
   (8) hiberfil.sys
   (9) pagefile.sys
   (10) config.sys

(Note : Some of the files mentioned may be hidden, You can make it visible by Press Alt key, go to Tools->Folder Options, Under View tab select Show hidden files,folders and drives).

4. Delete the files and folders which you have taken ownerships.

5. Open start menu, type cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.( Those who are using Windows 8 go to C:\Windows\System32 , right click on cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator).

6. Type BCDEDIT in cmd window and press Enter. Which will list boot menu entries. Search for your Windows on it and copy the code placed after the identifier.

7. In the same Windows type becdedit /delete {paste the code which you copied in the above step} and press Enter. (For example : bcdedit /delete {1f2f9f42-1fd9-11e2-98d2-b9405748522b}), Which will remove OS entry from the Boot menu.

Get Windows Phone Style in Andriod and Symbian devices

Microsoft's latest operating system for mobile phone devices is Windows Phone 8. Major attraction of Windows Phone is it's menu similar to that of Windows 8 start screen.

Which is developed in Modern Style UI or Metro design language and is compatible only with some selected devices. But I think for the new users it must be a little bit difficult to use the phone. So it might be better to get this style in your present phone operating system such as Android, Symbian and iOS
 In this article we are discussing about how to get Windows Phone style in Symbian and Android operating systems.

1.Get Windows Phone Style in Android Devices

Android users need an application named Launcher 7 to do this. You can download the latest  version from Google Play using the following link or Direct download.

Google Play directly installs it to your device and just start it from Menu page.

2.Get Windows Phone Style in Symbian Devices

 Xtron Wpemu is the required application for Symbian users to do this.It is recommended to use this with Nokia Symbian Series 60 v5 devices. Anyway it'll work with Series 60 v3 devices also. Most of the Symbian user's faces certificate issues during the installation. So, I've added link of a signed version of this tool. Download it using following links and install it to your Symbian device.

3.Get Windows Phone Style in iPhone

Using Metroon you can use Metro UI in your iPhone. I think among these it is best tool which gives the Metro appearance. Since it contains features like charms bar  it looks more similar to Windows 8 for PC.
 To get Metroon you must jailbreak your iPhone. Since the process illegal it is not included, search in Google for more details.
1. Once it is jailbroken open cydia app.
2. Type Metroon in search tab.
3. Purchase it and install it.
4. Start it.

Share your valuable feedback's on this article.

NanWick Windows 8 Switch Boot : Bring back Windows 7 style Boot Menu

As we know Windows 8 RTM is released to public. One of the new feature included in the Windows 8 is Metro Boot Menu. Which is completely different from old one's. And it also allows the mouse pointer to select an operating system.

But the things that troubles users are :
1. It appears a loading screen before Boot menu :

2. For users with dual operating systems, If you are selecting an O.S other than Windows 8 it'll boot only after restart.

 Comparing to new Boot Menu, the old one is fast and simple. It might be better getting old boot menu for the users with dual O.S. Windows 8 Switch Boot is a solution for this problem.
 You can bring back the Old Standard Windows 8 Boot Menu with NanWick Windows 8 Switch Boot. :

This tool will help you to switch between Metro Boot Screen and Standard boot screen. You can download this using the following link :

The users who are interested to what happens behind this tool and to do this manually check out the following steps:

1. First Goto %windir%\system32\ . (%windir% = C:\Windows if you have installed Windows in C drive)

2. Find cmd.exe. Once you find it Right click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator.

3. Select any one of the following two commands and type it in the Command line window.

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy            -To get old Boot screen
bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard       -To get Metro style Boot screen

Don't forget to share your feedback about this tool :)

NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Logon Animator v3

Windows 7 became the favorite operating system for the most of Windows users. One of the attractive feature of Windows 7 is it's logon screen itself. But, since it is appears in each time when you power on the system,it might be boring to see the same thing again and again. Many of us think that "It might be better to customize it". But Microsoft had not created an option to do the same inside Windows 7 .These thoughts had led me to create the 3rd updated version of our most popular tool Windows 7 Logon Editor.
 Since there are a lot of tools named as Windows 7 Logon Editor available on the web,the name of our tool is changed to Windows 7 Logon Animator.
 The new version is coming with some new features :

Windows 7 Logon Screen Saver
It allows you to enable screen saver at the logon itself.
Note : Screen savers which require DirectX could not be used in this method.

Animate Windows 7 Logon elements
It allows you to give simple animation effects to your WIndows 7 Logon screen elements. Check examples :

Fly from left

And it also includes features of our older versions :
  • Customize Ease of access button.
  • Customize User Image Frame.
  • Customize Shutdown Options button.
  • Enable/Disable Startup Sounds.
  • Change Logon Screen Background.
  • Show/Hide shutdown button.
  • Edit shutdown button image.
  • Set transparency to Go button.
  • Edit go button image.
  • Change branding logo.
  • Add logon message.
You can download the tool using the link below. Don't forget to share your feedback's:

How to add Metro switch in Windows 8 DP Desktop Context Menu

Recently we discussed about re-enabling old Start Menu in Windows 8. The new start screen, Explorer Ribbon Interface and some other things which make Windows 8 differs from Windows 7 are known as Metro Features. Which helps touch screen users to perform easy and fast. But some of the Windows 8 users still hate these metro features.
 In this article we are discussing about Making a switch to turn Metro features On/Off  in desktop context menu :

For this Copy -> Paste following code in notepad and save as Install.reg , Then double click Install.reg.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="cmd /c reg add HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer /v RPEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f && tskill explorer"


@="cmd /c reg add HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer /v RPEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f && tskill explorer"

You can customize text's like Metro,On,Off and Icons beside it by replacing following texts in above code :
  • Customize text Metro with your desired text and it's icon by replacing %Windir%\\System32\\shell32.dll,-221 with icon path.
  • Customize text of On/Off buttons by replacing On , Off texts of above code with your desired text and it's icon's by replacing %Windir%\\System32\\shell32.dll,-16749 , %Windir%\\System32\\shell32.dll,-16750 with icon paths respectively.


Note : This feature works only in Windows 8 developer preview

How to get old Start Button And Start Menu back in Windows 8

As we know Microsoft guys were released their latest Operating system Windows 8,Which actually  more compatible with the Touch Screen's and Tablets. They had made a Start Screen alternative for Start Menu in it. But for Desktop users it feels like annoying. In order to power off or to get control panel you have to do a lot of clicks instead of one in the old Start Menu.
 I think it might be better to get our old start menu back in Windows 8.

[Update] Microsoft had released three builds of Windows 8 without start menu currently. But this will work only in Windows8 Developer Preview only.

 In  Windows 8 Developer Preview we can enable the old Start menu with a small registry hack. Follow the steps

 1. To do this first Open Run terminal by pressing Win.key + R

 2. Once it opens type "regedit" (without quotes) and press enter. It'll open windows registry editor.

 3. In registry editor goto following key:


 4. In right side pane check for the key "RPEnabled". Double click it and change it'svalue to 0.

 5. Restart your explorer to see the change.

you can revert back to default by changing the value of the key to 1.

Windows 8 RC Build Login Screen For Windows 7

Previous day we discussed about getting Windows 8 Developer Preview Logon Screen in Windows 7 :

Today we are going to discuss about getting Windows 8 Release Candidate (Latest Build) Logon Screen in Windows 7. Check the preview :

In order to customize your Windows 7 Logon Screen into Windows 8 style you need to download Windows 8 RC/RP build Logon Images first :

Now follow the same method we are adopted in  "Get Windows 8 Developer Preview Logon Screen in Windows 7". If you are new here read the article :

Windows 8 Build 8518 Leaked Boot Screen for Windows 7

Microsoft had released the final version of the new operating system Windows 8 (RTM).Which contains a new boot screen. It contains the new Windows logo and the same ring animation as in the previous builds .It looks simple and contains no huge animations. Check the preview :

In this article we are discussing about How to get this boot screen in Windows 7. Follow the simple steps to do this :

1. First of all you need to download Windows 8 build 8518 boot screen video using the following link :

2. We require a utility named Windows 7 Video boot to apply the video as Windows 7 boot screen. Which can be downloaded using the following link :

3. Once you download it Unzip using 7zip (Other archive utilities show file corrupted message while extracting) and start it.

4. On Windows 7 Video boot main window insert a video file by clicking Browse Video File button. and press Set to apply it as Windows 7 boot screen.

5. Reboot your PC to view the new boot screen.

Windows 8 Developer Preview Logon Screen In More colors

Previous day we had a discussion about Enabling Windows 8 Developer Preview Logon Screen In Windows 7. Some of our readers reported it looks so ugly.
 As per user requests I've created the same in three more colors :

Download the following logon Screen Files using the links below

  • Download Windows 8 D.P Logon Screen For Windows 7 (Violet)
  • Download Windows 8 D.P Logon Screen For Windows 7 (Maroon)
  • Download Windows 8 D.P Logon Screen For Windows 7 (Purple)

  • If you need help in applying these as Windows 7 Logon Screen checkout the article :

    Get Windows 8 Developer Preview Logon Screen in Windows 7

    We all know Microsoft had released Windows 8 Release Preview for public and available for download. If you are not heard about it download using following link : Download Windows 8 R P.
     Windows 8 is coming with new logon screen which is simple and clean. It doesn't contain any animated background image or styled user image frame.
     In this topic we are discussing about How to get Windows 8 Developer Preview logon screen in Windows 7. Check the following screenshot to see how it appears :

    Follow simple steps to get Windows 8 Developer Preview logon screen in Windows 7 :
    1. Download Windows 8 Logon Images using following link. Unzip it using 7zip or any other archive manager.

    2. Download Windows 7 Logon Editor v2 using following link:

    3. Unzip and start Windows 7 Logon Editor v2.
    Once you are started it customize each Logon Screen Items one by one

        (i) Click Browse Button under branding logo. Once the branding logo window appears click browse button and locate Where you are Unzipped, Select Branding_Logo.png and press Apply.

        (ii) Now click Customize button under User Image frame. On the User image frame window Browse and select User_Image_Frame.png then Press Apply.

        (iii) Then click Select Background Image button and select bg.png.

        (iv) Click Customize button under Shutdown Button. In Shutdown Button Window Browse and add Up.png, Over.png, Down.png, Logo.png included in folder "Shutdown Btn" respectively in Up,Over,Down and logo group boxes. Apply it.

    Before closing it Browse and select Shutdown options Images also included in same Folder.

        (v) Now click Customize button under Go Button. In Go button window Browse and select Up,Over and Down Images included in folder "Go Btn" and press Apply.

        (vi) Click Customize button under Ease of access. Do the same procedure which is done in customizing shutdown button. Images are included in "Ease of access Btn" folder.

    4. Close Windows 7 Logon Editor v2 and Reboot your Pc.

    In Action

    Watch live preview of customizing logon screen.
     Watch video : link

    Please share your valuable feedbacks as comments.

    NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Logon Editor v2

    Today we are releasing the updated version of our tool Windows 7 Logon Editor.

    New features in Windows 7 Logon Editor v2

    • Customize Ease of access button.
    • Customize User Image Frame.
    • Customize Shutdown Options button.
    • Enable/Disable Startup Sounds.
    • The new interface.
    One hot button to restore all settings to default, which helps you to remove all customizations you have made.

    Download it using the below link:

     Share your feedback about this tool and don't forget to report if you have found any bug in this tool.

    NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Logon Toolkit

    Today I would like to share a new tool which helps you to start your favorite applications at your logon screen itself.I think sometimes this tool might be a blessing that at Logon screen you are free from firewall and antivirus.

    Follow simple steps to use this tool :
    1. Start NanWick Logon Toolkit and click Enable button.
    2. Log off or Restart your Computer.
    3. On the left bottom part of your Logon Screen you can see a button (Fig 1). Click it.

    4. The application window will be opened. Most useful Windows applications are included in the Main window.
    You can launch your Desired application by clicking Browse button under Windows Features Tab.(Fig 2)

     Fig 2
    You can Disable Logon screen toolkit by clicking the Disable button in the application window. It can be Downloaded using the following link :

    What Happens Behind

    Actually this tool is replacing you Ease of Access menu at your Logon Screen. Before Enabling NanWick logon toolkit, When you press Ease of access button it opens an application named Utilman.exe Located in C:\Windows\System32 directory.

    This tool replaces Utilman.exe with its own application file. It also makes a change in color and icon of Ease of access button by Replacing image resources of authui.dll located at C:\Windows\System32

    NanWick Logon Toolkit in action

    Watch Video : link

    How to Enable/Install Dot Net framework 3.5 on Windows 8 Without Connecting Internet

    Microsoft released Windows 8 RTM for public . Which can be downloaded here.
     Actually Windows 8 contains Dot net framework 4, But for applications developed in Dot Net 3.5 requires a framework of same version to run.Windows 8 allows users to enable this feature through internet. But it consumes so much time since the size update is about 230Mb.
     The interesting thing is that actually the Windows 8 DVD contains Dot Net 3.5 Update setup but you can't use it directly. Which can only be used through cmd.

    Update : This method is applicable to all Windows 8 Editions including RTM.

    Follow the Instructions to install Dot Net framework 3.5 offline through cmd:

    1. Insert Windows Developer Preview DVD into your drive.
    2. Go to "C:\Windows\System32" and find cmd.exe.

    3. Right click on the file and select Run As Administrator.
    4. Copy and Paste following code in the cmd window :

    dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /Source:Z:\sources\sxs

    Change Z with your DVD RW Drive letter and press Enter key.
    The process may take several minutes to finish. Restart your PC after the completion of the process.

    In Action

    NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Start Button Changer

    NanWick is releasing a new tool to customize Windows 7 Start button (also known as Orb).

    How to customize the start button using this tool :
    1.Select three images using the Browse button.
    2.Click Apply to apply it as start button.
    If you are not satisfied with the new button and you want to restore original Orb then click the Default button to restore original Orb.
     It might be better if the images are of resolution 54x54 pixels and the image lies in the center.

    Use the link below to download this tool :

    This is only the first build of this tool and we need your feedback to make more changes on this.

    Actually What Happens Behind ??

    Windows 7 Start button resources are stored in "C:\Windows\explorer.exe" (Drive letter may be changed if you have installed Windows in another Local Disc). It can see through resource editing software's like Resource Hacker.
     If you're interested in this topic download Resource Hacker using this link and open "C:\Windows\explorer.exe" in Resource Hacker. Go to Bitmap > 6801 > 1033

    This software creates a similar image using the images which you are selected and replaces these resources in "C:\Windows\explorer.exe". If you are an advanced user you can do it manually.

    NanWick Exclusive : Windows Media Player Background Image Changer

    NanWick is introducing a tool to change Windows Media Player 12 Background Image.

    This tool will help you change Windows Media Player 12 Library Background Image into your desired one. It includes five pre-build images (Which are created by Microsoft guys).

    To change WM Player Library background image using this tool :
    1.Select Custom button.
    2.Click Browse and select a PNG Image.
    3.Click Apply button.
    You can also switch between five pre-build images. Click Default button to restore original Background image.
    Download this tool using the following link :

    NanWick Exclusive : User Image Frame Changer for Windows 7

    Due to user requests NanWick is releasing a solution for user image frame replacement. User image frame changer is a simple tool which helps you to change User image frame within one or two seconds.

    User image frame (Highlighted in image)

    How to use this tool :
    1. Click Browse button and select a PNG image file.
    2. Click the Apply button to set it as User Image frame.

    Use Default button to restore your original User image frame.
    Download this tool using the following link :

    NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Logon Editor

    NanWick is releasing an exclusive application for Windows 7 Logon Screen customization. Please note that this tool can only be used in the Windows 7 operating system.

    Windows 7 Logon Editor allows you to :
    • Change Logon Screen Background
    • Show/Hide shutdown button
    • Edit shutdown button image
    • Set transparency to Go button
    • Edit go button image
    • Change branding logo
    • Add a logon message
    It also allows you to revert back all changes made by this tool. To know more about how to use this tool : Click Here.

    You can download it using the following link:

    NanWick MKV Archiver

    A tool to encrypt personal files is essential for each and every computer user. Some of us are using Zip or Rar techniques for this purpose. But password crackers available for such archives makes them worried.
      Here NanWick is introducing a solution. Encrypt your personal files with a password and store it inside an Mkv Video file. Mkv archiver will help you to create such archives.

     It has a user free interface and easy to use. It also helps you to extract Mkv archives. Click here to know more about How to Use this utility.
    It can be downloaded using following link.

    How to create Logon message - A hidden feature in Windows 7

    Today we are going to discuss about a hidden feature in Windows 7. The Windows 7 operating system allows to create a custom message before the logon screen appears.

     Windows 7 coders may be added this feature to show logon errors or any other messages. But through registry editor we can create , edit and remove these type of messages.

    How to create a Logon message
     1. To create a logon message click on Start button , type regedit and press Enter

    It opens the Windows Registry Editor .

    2 .Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System" (Preview's are available).


    3. Check for two key values namely legalnoticecaption and legalnoticetext ( you can see them in snapshot 7 ). If the two string values are not available, create them by right click and select New -> String Value

    4. To give the message heading double click on legalnoticecaption and type anything , then press ok. For the base part of the message double click on legalnoticetext and give any text value. Close Registry Editor and Restart your Computer.

    Bored Reading Articles ?? Click watch the same as YouTube video

    Getting troubled with File access denied - How to unlock windows files from file protection

     We all know that windows have a file protection itself, which helps to protect files from accidental modification of system files. If we try to modify such protected files it'll show a message like this :

    But if you want to customize your Windows yourself this feature becomes annoying.

    Here i have a free utility named Unlocker, Which helps you to :

    • Rename protected file
    • Delete protected file
    • Replace protected file
    • Move protected file  
    To download this for free click the link below :

    You need to start this application with administrative privileges. For this right click on UnLockR's icon and click on "Run as administrator" (Fig 1)

                                Fig 1                                                                   Fig 2

    If you are using Windows Vista or any other previous edition of Windows you require .Net framework 3.5 or other latest edition to run this application.