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NanWick Exclusive : Windows Media Player Background Image Changer

NanWick is introducing a tool to change Windows Media Player 12 Background Image.

This tool will help you change Windows Media Player 12 Library Background Image into your desired one. It includes five pre-build images (Which are created by Microsoft guys).

To change WM Player Library background image using this tool :
1.Select Custom button.
2.Click Browse and select a PNG Image.
3.Click Apply button.
You can also switch between five pre-build images. Click Default button to restore original Background image.
Download this tool using the following link :

NanWick Exclusive : User Image Frame Changer for Windows 7

Due to user requests NanWick is releasing a solution for user image frame replacement. User image frame changer is a simple tool which helps you to change User image frame within one or two seconds.

User image frame (Highlighted in image)

How to use this tool :
1. Click Browse button and select a PNG image file.
2. Click the Apply button to set it as User Image frame.

Use Default button to restore your original User image frame.
Download this tool using the following link :

NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Logon Editor

NanWick is releasing an exclusive application for Windows 7 Logon Screen customization. Please note that this tool can only be used in the Windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 Logon Editor allows you to :
  • Change Logon Screen Background
  • Show/Hide shutdown button
  • Edit shutdown button image
  • Set transparency to Go button
  • Edit go button image
  • Change branding logo
  • Add a logon message
It also allows you to revert back all changes made by this tool. To know more about how to use this tool : Click Here.

You can download it using the following link:

NanWick MKV Archiver

A tool to encrypt personal files is essential for each and every computer user. Some of us are using Zip or Rar techniques for this purpose. But password crackers available for such archives makes them worried.
  Here NanWick is introducing a solution. Encrypt your personal files with a password and store it inside an Mkv Video file. Mkv archiver will help you to create such archives.

 It has a user free interface and easy to use. It also helps you to extract Mkv archives. Click here to know more about How to Use this utility.
It can be downloaded using following link.

How to create Logon message - A hidden feature in Windows 7

Today we are going to discuss about a hidden feature in Windows 7. The Windows 7 operating system allows to create a custom message before the logon screen appears.

 Windows 7 coders may be added this feature to show logon errors or any other messages. But through registry editor we can create , edit and remove these type of messages.

How to create a Logon message
 1. To create a logon message click on Start button , type regedit and press Enter

It opens the Windows Registry Editor .

2 .Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System" (Preview's are available).


3. Check for two key values namely legalnoticecaption and legalnoticetext ( you can see them in snapshot 7 ). If the two string values are not available, create them by right click and select New -> String Value

4. To give the message heading double click on legalnoticecaption and type anything , then press ok. For the base part of the message double click on legalnoticetext and give any text value. Close Registry Editor and Restart your Computer.

Bored Reading Articles ?? Click watch the same as YouTube video

Getting troubled with File access denied - How to unlock windows files from file protection

 We all know that windows have a file protection itself, which helps to protect files from accidental modification of system files. If we try to modify such protected files it'll show a message like this :

But if you want to customize your Windows yourself this feature becomes annoying.

Here i have a free utility named Unlocker, Which helps you to :

  • Rename protected file
  • Delete protected file
  • Replace protected file
  • Move protected file  
To download this for free click the link below :

You need to start this application with administrative privileges. For this right click on UnLockR's icon and click on "Run as administrator" (Fig 1)

                            Fig 1                                                                   Fig 2

If you are using Windows Vista or any other previous edition of Windows you require .Net framework 3.5 or other latest edition to run this application.