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NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Logon Animator v3

Windows 7 became the favorite operating system for the most of Windows users. One of the attractive feature of Windows 7 is it's logon screen itself. But, since it is appears in each time when you power on the system,it might be boring to see the same thing again and again. Many of us think that "It might be better to customize it". But Microsoft had not created an option to do the same inside Windows 7 .These thoughts had led me to create the 3rd updated version of our most popular tool Windows 7 Logon Editor.
 Since there are a lot of tools named as Windows 7 Logon Editor available on the web,the name of our tool is changed to Windows 7 Logon Animator.
 The new version is coming with some new features :

Windows 7 Logon Screen Saver
It allows you to enable screen saver at the logon itself.
Note : Screen savers which require DirectX could not be used in this method.

Animate Windows 7 Logon elements
It allows you to give simple animation effects to your WIndows 7 Logon screen elements. Check examples :

Fly from left

And it also includes features of our older versions :
  • Customize Ease of access button.
  • Customize User Image Frame.
  • Customize Shutdown Options button.
  • Enable/Disable Startup Sounds.
  • Change Logon Screen Background.
  • Show/Hide shutdown button.
  • Edit shutdown button image.
  • Set transparency to Go button.
  • Edit go button image.
  • Change branding logo.
  • Add logon message.
You can download the tool using the link below. Don't forget to share your feedback's:

How to add Metro switch in Windows 8 DP Desktop Context Menu

Recently we discussed about re-enabling old Start Menu in Windows 8. The new start screen, Explorer Ribbon Interface and some other things which make Windows 8 differs from Windows 7 are known as Metro Features. Which helps touch screen users to perform easy and fast. But some of the Windows 8 users still hate these metro features.
 In this article we are discussing about Making a switch to turn Metro features On/Off  in desktop context menu :

For this Copy -> Paste following code in notepad and save as Install.reg , Then double click Install.reg.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="cmd /c reg add HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer /v RPEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f && tskill explorer"


@="cmd /c reg add HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer /v RPEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f && tskill explorer"

You can customize text's like Metro,On,Off and Icons beside it by replacing following texts in above code :
  • Customize text Metro with your desired text and it's icon by replacing %Windir%\\System32\\shell32.dll,-221 with icon path.
  • Customize text of On/Off buttons by replacing On , Off texts of above code with your desired text and it's icon's by replacing %Windir%\\System32\\shell32.dll,-16749 , %Windir%\\System32\\shell32.dll,-16750 with icon paths respectively.


Note : This feature works only in Windows 8 developer preview