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NanWick Fb viaStack : Customize via Names of Facebook Statuses

Recently I've come to notice some of my friends updating their facebook statuses with different via names. 

After Googling I've found some apps available for customizing via names. But those are only available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms. Here I'm introducing a portable application for Windows PC users , which is capable of :

1.Updating statuses with a custom via name selected from a list

2.Creating your own via names and adding them

3.Post to different Facebook Pages or Groups

Download NanWick Fb viaStack from following link

How Post in Pages or Groups using Fb viaStack

If you want to post in a 'Page' or 'Group' type the id of group in above text box. For getting an id open the page you want to post, just copy the text after ""

For example : If you want to post on this page

Copy "NanWick.blogspot" and Paste here :

How create a custom via name using Fb viaStack

What happens behind

Actually the customizing trick lies in following URL :

To post with a different via name just replace xxxx with the id of your desired application. Fb viaStack contain a collection of app_ids and it'll help you to switch between them. If you want to get the same feature in a web browser just copy the URL and paste it in address bar of browser.

Please share your valuable feedback about this tool :