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Getting troubled with File access denied - How to unlock windows files from file protection

 We all know that windows have a file protection itself, which helps to protect files from accidental modification of system files. If we try to modify such protected files it'll show a message like this :

But if you want to customize your Windows yourself this feature becomes annoying.

Here i have a free utility named Unlocker, Which helps you to :

  • Rename protected file
  • Delete protected file
  • Replace protected file
  • Move protected file  
To download this for free click the link below :

You need to start this application with administrative privileges. For this right click on UnLockR's icon and click on "Run as administrator" (Fig 1)

                            Fig 1                                                                   Fig 2

If you are using Windows Vista or any other previous edition of Windows you require .Net framework 3.5 or other latest edition to run this application.


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