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Windows 8 Build 8518 Leaked Boot Screen for Windows 7

Microsoft had released the final version of the new operating system Windows 8 (RTM).Which contains a new boot screen. It contains the new Windows logo and the same ring animation as in the previous builds .It looks simple and contains no huge animations. Check the preview :

In this article we are discussing about How to get this boot screen in Windows 7. Follow the simple steps to do this :

1. First of all you need to download Windows 8 build 8518 boot screen video using the following link :

2. We require a utility named Windows 7 Video boot to apply the video as Windows 7 boot screen. Which can be downloaded using the following link :

3. Once you download it Unzip using 7zip (Other archive utilities show file corrupted message while extracting) and start it.

4. On Windows 7 Video boot main window insert a video file by clicking Browse Video File button. and press Set to apply it as Windows 7 boot screen.

5. Reboot your PC to view the new boot screen.