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NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Logon Toolkit

Today I would like to share a new tool which helps you to start your favorite applications at your logon screen itself.I think sometimes this tool might be a blessing that at Logon screen you are free from firewall and antivirus.

Follow simple steps to use this tool :
1. Start NanWick Logon Toolkit and click Enable button.
2. Log off or Restart your Computer.
3. On the left bottom part of your Logon Screen you can see a button (Fig 1). Click it.

4. The application window will be opened. Most useful Windows applications are included in the Main window.
You can launch your Desired application by clicking Browse button under Windows Features Tab.(Fig 2)

 Fig 2
You can Disable Logon screen toolkit by clicking the Disable button in the application window. It can be Downloaded using the following link :

What Happens Behind

Actually this tool is replacing you Ease of Access menu at your Logon Screen. Before Enabling NanWick logon toolkit, When you press Ease of access button it opens an application named Utilman.exe Located in C:\Windows\System32 directory.

This tool replaces Utilman.exe with its own application file. It also makes a change in color and icon of Ease of access button by Replacing image resources of authui.dll located at C:\Windows\System32

NanWick Logon Toolkit in action

Watch Video : link


  1. Doesn't work! Though it replaces the Ease of Access button, clicking on the new button (Logon Toolkit) button opens the old Ease of Access screen.

    Test before you post.

    1. I had already checked it and cant find any problem. Please check the video included for more information.

    2. sorry not work for me

  2. Found a bug related with administrative privileges of Windows 7,but it effect only a few versions of windows 7. Anyway it is fixed and you can download the file using the same link.
    Thanks for reporting the bug.

  3. change the icon that about it does not work