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Get Windows 8 Developer Preview Logon Screen in Windows 7

We all know Microsoft had released Windows 8 Release Preview for public and available for download. If you are not heard about it download using following link : Download Windows 8 R P.
 Windows 8 is coming with new logon screen which is simple and clean. It doesn't contain any animated background image or styled user image frame.
 In this topic we are discussing about How to get Windows 8 Developer Preview logon screen in Windows 7. Check the following screenshot to see how it appears :

Follow simple steps to get Windows 8 Developer Preview logon screen in Windows 7 :
1. Download Windows 8 Logon Images using following link. Unzip it using 7zip or any other archive manager.

2. Download Windows 7 Logon Editor v2 using following link:

3. Unzip and start Windows 7 Logon Editor v2.
Once you are started it customize each Logon Screen Items one by one

    (i) Click Browse Button under branding logo. Once the branding logo window appears click browse button and locate Where you are Unzipped, Select Branding_Logo.png and press Apply.

    (ii) Now click Customize button under User Image frame. On the User image frame window Browse and select User_Image_Frame.png then Press Apply.

    (iii) Then click Select Background Image button and select bg.png.

    (iv) Click Customize button under Shutdown Button. In Shutdown Button Window Browse and add Up.png, Over.png, Down.png, Logo.png included in folder "Shutdown Btn" respectively in Up,Over,Down and logo group boxes. Apply it.

Before closing it Browse and select Shutdown options Images also included in same Folder.

    (v) Now click Customize button under Go Button. In Go button window Browse and select Up,Over and Down Images included in folder "Go Btn" and press Apply.

    (vi) Click Customize button under Ease of access. Do the same procedure which is done in customizing shutdown button. Images are included in "Ease of access Btn" folder.

4. Close Windows 7 Logon Editor v2 and Reboot your Pc.

In Action

Watch live preview of customizing logon screen.
 Watch video : link

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