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NanWick Exclusive : Windows 7 Logon Animator v3

Windows 7 became the favorite operating system for the most of Windows users. One of the attractive feature of Windows 7 is it's logon screen itself. But, since it is appears in each time when you power on the system,it might be boring to see the same thing again and again. Many of us think that "It might be better to customize it". But Microsoft had not created an option to do the same inside Windows 7 .These thoughts had led me to create the 3rd updated version of our most popular tool Windows 7 Logon Editor.
 Since there are a lot of tools named as Windows 7 Logon Editor available on the web,the name of our tool is changed to Windows 7 Logon Animator.
 The new version is coming with some new features :

Windows 7 Logon Screen Saver
It allows you to enable screen saver at the logon itself.
Note : Screen savers which require DirectX could not be used in this method.

Animate Windows 7 Logon elements
It allows you to give simple animation effects to your WIndows 7 Logon screen elements. Check examples :

Fly from left

And it also includes features of our older versions :
  • Customize Ease of access button.
  • Customize User Image Frame.
  • Customize Shutdown Options button.
  • Enable/Disable Startup Sounds.
  • Change Logon Screen Background.
  • Show/Hide shutdown button.
  • Edit shutdown button image.
  • Set transparency to Go button.
  • Edit go button image.
  • Change branding logo.
  • Add logon message.
You can download the tool using the link below. Don't forget to share your feedback's:


  1. Nice tool . Thanks.

  2. Use this link :

  3. cant change it from png to exe :(

    1. Extract it first, then rename within windows explorer.

  4. Hello,
    I have downloaded Windows 7 Logon Animator v3.
    My Antivirus marked it as

    TROJAN "TR/Patched.Gen" !!!???

    Please, give me a comment!

  5. Where to get the other animations and user image frame?

    1. Logon animations are limited. But you can create user your own user image frames with any photo editting tools like photoshop or paint. For best results create image in 1: 1 ratio.

  6. it's an amazing app but it could be better if it is possible to change the position of each object.....and thanks for creating such a tool and make it free of cost

    1. You can change them manually.Those information's are included in "C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winlogon.exe.mui"(Drive letter may be changed if you are installed windows in any other directory). Open this file in any Resource Editing tools like Resource Hacker and check string table.
      If you want more information use Contact page.

  7. Good program bud. Is possible to edit the position of username picture?

  8. I can't extract this *.zip file with 7zip or other program it mean this file cannot open as a archiv
    sorry for my bad english

    1. Check your archive manager whether it is outdated.

  9. HELP, every time i try to customize the animation effects, an error pops up, does anybody know what to do when this occurs?