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Windows 7 Logon Editor

1.How to set a picture as Windows 7 Logon Screen background

Click Choose button on Windows 7 logon editors window and select a picture file (.JPG, .PNG or .BMP) then use Set button to set it as Windows 7 Logon Screen.

You can change your Windows 7 Logon background back into default by clicking Set Default button

2.How to change Windows 7 branding logo shown in Logon Screen

In order to change your branding logo, select a .PNG image by clicking Browse button under Branding logo group box. Press Apply button to apply it. It should be better if your image is of dimension 350x50 and transparent background.
 Use Default button to set back it into default image.

3.How to Show/Hide or Edit Shutdown button in Logon Screen

Use Show/Hide button under Shutdown button group box to show and hide Shutdown button in Windows 7 Logon Screen.
 Click Edit to change shutdown button image(Fig1).Browse images and Apply it as Shutdown button.

You are also allowed to Reset it back into Default.

4.How to Set transparency and edit Go button in Logon Screen

Edit your Go button image by Clicking Edit under Go button group box, Select image files and Apply.(Fig2)

Use seek bar under Go button group box to set transparency and click Apply to apply it.

4.How to Set logon message in Windows 7 Logon Screen

This message will be shown before Logon Screen apperas. Fill Title ,Body text and click Apply to set a Logon message.
 Click here to see how can be done this without any software.

Download Windows 7 Logon Editor

Download Windows 7 Logon Editor using following link :